Friday, February 11, 2011

Noah's Personal Pics

We are not having many news, so here I am, posting some Noah's TwitPics and personal photos, to try to find what is she wearing, of courses =P

Click to view full size image

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Click to view full size image<--- so gorgeous!!!!

The first pic, is maybe on the set of "The Last Song". Over the bikini, Noah wore the Our Favorite Solid Core Tank ($10.00) in Tropical Teal by Justice.

In the second pic, Noah is wearing the same footed pijamas as Emily Grace Reaves wore when this Claireandponyboy Freaves Facebook photo was taked:

The pijamas is by Justice, from the past season (I saw it in the website, in the beggining of the Fall 2010 collection), so it´s not available anymore  =(


  1. She is so cute! I will put the link of your blogs in mine, alright?

  2. Noie is the most beautiful ever

  3. @Aninha: Sure! And thanks!
    @famousteens: yes, she is really beautiful and sooo cute (and stylish) =)

  4. ems dont stop being noahs friend ok if you gues are not friend forever i hate you

    love lailat