Saturday, January 29, 2011

Noie & Ems Show: Hoedown Throwdown! Part 1

Here are more videos from "The Noie & Ems Show"!

    In these, Noah teaches Ems the "Hoedown Throwdown" dance, for their performance in the Lollipops & Rainbows event.
    Noah is wearing Kaiya Eve Black Bodice Tank

 Kaiya Eve Raspberry Pettiskirt, wich she wore on the Lollipops & Rainbows Photoshoot

black leggings and black mary-janes.


  1. I want a white pettiskirt.... am i too old?

    -anonymous, age 13

  2. i always wanted one of those skirts!!!

  3. Hi Noah my name is Tala I always watch "The Noie and Ems show" and by the way I like your skirt I would like to have one it's cute and fashion bey

  4. Hi noah and Emily My name is sarah you are so cute
    I really love you I never see you on stage only on YouTube
    Beacaus I live don t live in America come with Miley in Saudi Arabia I now it's different country then America trie to come I want to see you and Miley it's my dream

  5. Pretty skirt , lol you and your friend Emily when you decorate your
    Home for surprise Miley for the Halloween party it was so nice your smart girls good job haha lol

  6. Hi Noah from where do you bey all your skirts it's so cute

  7. hey noah i alawyas wanted 1 of those skirts

  8. Hi Anonymous :) (I don't know who is the same person so on each comment I'll put a number and I'll answer ;P)

    Anonymous1 - No, you are surely not too old! I bought my first pettiskirt with 12 years old; also, Keana Texeira is arround 16 I guess and she also wears pettiskirts :)

    Anonymous2/7 - If you want I can spread some websites were you can buy them :)

    Anonymous3 - I agree ^^

    Anonymous4 - I am pretty sure your dream will come true ;)

    Anonymous5 - I love that video! =D

    Anonymous6 - Noah's pettiskirts are all from Kaiya Eve and the little tutus are from Hot Topic :)