Monday, February 27, 2012

Personal Pics Update!


In the first photo Noah is wearing Mutts Rule Fitted T-Shirt by Lavish Lint for PETA ($34,00);

in the second photo, she is wearing Spangled Stars Top by Forever21 ($19,80);

and in the last one she's wearing the I Love Juicy Candy Socks from the Cotton Knee Stripe Tube Candy Socks Set by Juicy Couture.


  1. you got that picture from my website lol (

  2. I did :) Do you mind? I thought you don't because it has the tag...

  3. hi noha
    you look very cool and i <3 you
    i hope you will come to norway this year!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hiya! i was wonderin if you know that girl who sings grenade? you posted her vid some month ago. thkx! kisses&love