Saturday, October 15, 2011

Noie and Ems show

The Noie and Ems show's channel is closed but I found some outfits' information:

Noah's wearing Hartstrings Plaid Pleated Skort (available only on purple)
with Belle Ame Black Tank w/ Red Ruffles (out of stock) and Black ROCK Star Boots (also out of stock)

and she accessorized with Brass Knuckle Bow by Hot Topic.

Red And Black Brass...

More information tomorrow...
Sorry for late but I'm so so so busy with school tests.


  1. I can update the blog if you want to :)

  2. and I think the skirt it's not the same because Noah's has a bow... Can I put it as a copy-cat option?

  3. one more thing: I read in Three Peas Co's blog that her tank is from there